Innovative Teaching

To create a sustainable learning approach; we combine our core and supplementary curriculum through the board-prescribed content and innovative learning approaches. This is further complemented with contemporary teaching techniques, special programmes and examples from everyday life to develop the students’ understanding beyond textbooks.

Sport Facilities

The school provides students with expansive playgrounds and a well-constructed sporting area, ideal for a variety of games. As a result, students have an array of both outdoor sports and indoor games to choose from.


All Pearson schools have a library well-stocked with periodicals, journals, magazines, newsletters, fiction, reference books and encyclopedia. The library also offers integrated learning programmes that include phonics for pre-primary levels and literary classics for older students.

Class Norms

Rather than just following rules, students are encouraged to participate in developing the day-to-day rules themselves. These rules go beyond the basics of good behavior and aim at making their class a great place for learning.

Question of the Day

As a healthy exercise in encouraging curiosity and critical thinking, students contribute to a pool of “Why?” and “How?” questions. Teachers select questions from this pool daily, to guide classroom explorations.

Learning about Learning

We have factored in time within daily classroom routines, for students to reflect on how they learn best and what they have learnt about their learning, in the due course of the day.

Group Activities

We believe that group activities help children develop their communication skills and improve interpersonal relationships. Collaborative learning techniques are used to improve team-building skills such as organisation, delegation, negotiation, teamwork, cooperation and leadership.

Field Trips

Field trips help deepen a student’s interest in a topic, by creating a more hands-on, relevant learning experience. They also benefit teachers by giving them opportunities to generate greater attentiveness to a subject. We schedule many field trips in an academic year; they have proven to be a great asset to the learning process.

Star of the Month

Star of the Month is a reward mechanism that is used to build a student's self-confidence. A student is chosen every month to wear a ‘star’. His or her parents will then visit the school during that week to share their child's positive attributes with the class. Apart from creating healthy self-esteem, this activity also facilitates a strong home-school partnership.

Circle Time

Circle Time is a social activity that encourages informal yet meaningful discussions in class, allowing students to exchange thoughts and learn from one another. The circle formation in which they sit, ensures that each student can see all the other members of their class. We believe that it raises their self-worth while encouraging them to be more open and trusting.