Innovative Teaching

To create a sustainable learning approach; we combine our core and supplementary curriculum through the board-prescribed content and innovative learning approaches. This is further complemented with contemporary teaching techniques, special programmes and examples from everyday life to develop the students’ understanding beyond textbooks.

Sport Facilities

The school provides students with expansive playgrounds and a well-constructed sporting area, ideal for a variety of games. As a result, students have an array of both outdoor sports and indoor games to choose from.


All Pearson schools have a library well-stocked with periodicals, journals, magazines, newsletters, fiction, reference books and encyclopedia. The library also offers integrated learning programmes that include phonics for pre-primary levels and literary classics for older students.

Who we are

Hassan Public School, established in 2004 under the management of K P Welfare trust is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (830401), India. It follows the Oxford, Corodova for Kindergarten and switches to CBSE for grades 1 to 10. We have a spacious building with modern facilities. Experience state-of-the-art classrooms, Science laboratories, library, computer lab and playground for sports and recreation.

An Opportunity To Play A Role In The Learning Process
Parents are methodically appraised of their child’s progress with the help of the technology system and personal portfolios, while regular open houses allow them to directly interact with teachers. They are also involved in the many non-academic events and activities that occur in school, no matter how informal.
Student Portfolio
The school records students’ efforts, progress and achievements, in individual portfolios and personalised learning plans, which are integral to assessing their academic journey. These portfolios reveal the skills and understanding of each student, and their growth over a period.
Equal Learning Opportunities For Every Child
No two children have the same abilities. However, it is important that when it comes to opportunities, they are on the same footing; therefore, we consciously ensure a uniform and equal environment for all our students.
An Interative Relationship With Parents
We believe that it’s important to ensure that parents benefit in their child’s academic progress as well. This puts many of their fear to rest and creates a comfortable environment where parents, teachers and children can freely interact.
Certified Training For Improved Teaching Skills
At HPS, a teacher’s role extends far beyond the classroom. Each teacher is carefully selected after a rigorous selection process which includes tests and interviews. Our teachers are innovators and facilitators – they actively participate in initiating and organising unique classroom activities and learning methods. They are specially trained to do so through a series of training programmes. In addition to an intensive pre-service session on innovation (which includes the In-Service Teaching Programme), these training programmes provide solutions to matters related to curriculam, content and technology. They also develop individual teaching styles and help teachers assess themselves using feedback from students, colleagues and the management.
Enabling a Secure Future As facilitators
The Ministry of Human Resource Development within the Government of India, has entrusted the responsibility of conducting the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) to the CBSE board. The board follows a strict policy to ensure that the CTET is the minimum qualification required to be appointed as a teacher. The reasons for this are: To ensure that the best, most qualified teachers feature largely in the recruitment process To encourage the founding of more educational institutions that cater to teachers To send a positive signal to stakeholders about the importance given by the Government to teaching quality
Student Engagement
Our teaching aids consist of well-thought-out lesson and activity plans to facilitate student interest and engagement. The uniformity of our teaching methodologies across schools also ensure a uniform learning outcome, while celebrating a student’s creativity and ingenuity.
Admission Process
Gift your child a safe, personalized and enabling educational environment Hassan Public School provides holistic education to students from all walks of life. We seek not just to educate our students but inspire them as well! And for those with a drive to excel in academics and develop into well-rounded individuals, we offer the ideal opportunity.